Welcome to Ingmarsö Guest Harbour!
With us you are safe with your boat and we have all the service a modern guest harbour should have.

Here you moor between y-bars, by buoy or alongside. Each place has signs that show numbers and water depths. Moor at a vacant place, harbour hosts assist if needed.

In the service house, besides the harbour office, use of toilets and showers are included in the harbour fee. Freshwater, sauna, washing machine and electricity are available for a fee. Garbage can be left in the shed behind the service house. Barbecue area is available.

In the vicinity of the guest harbour there is a grocery store, restaurant, bakery, gas station, shipyard service and toilet emptying station.

At Ingmarsö and adjacent Brottö you can enjoy the beautiful cultural landscape and you can follow hiking trails towards Kålgårdsön and Finnhamn. Accommodation options are available at Ingmarsö Norrgård.

Waxholmsbolaget is trafficking Ingmarsö all year-round.

Harbour fees

From 120 SEK

Mooring alongside                                   Plus 150 SEK/overnight stay

Temporary during the day                       100 SEK

Electricity                                                    75 SEK/overnight stay

Drinking water                                              2 SEK/litre

Washing machine                                    100 SEK/2hours

Sauna                                                         from 300 SEK

UPPLEV genuina Ingmarsö ...